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Creative Services


Commercials & Infomercials

We specialize in producing award winning campaigns across all platforms that will increase the success of your TV campaign, convert traffic to become buyers, and increase your ROI. Hotbrands Studios have produced hundreds of infomercials, many of which have become legends. The entire staff of writers, producers, editors, animators, and creative thinkers focuses their utmost attention to your production. Only Hotbrands Studio's hands-on team will guide you and give attention to all the details through pre-production, production, and post-production processes. We specialize in creating 10,15& 30 min Long Forms and 60,90 & 120 sec commercials for branding purposes and to showcase your product or talent on various media channels. We understand the market like no other, so from Ideation to the Final product combined with our expert creative eye we ensure optimum production quality within defined resources.


Audio & Music

We never make a musical soundtrack just to listen, we make it to leave it on everyone's lips. Our experienced staff and high-end studio facilities streamlining the process of audio dubbing, sound recording, mixing, lip-sync and musical soundtracks to augment your creative content. Be it voice-overs, advertisements or dialogue replacements in television, animation, commercials and infomercials, our experienced artists will deliver unmatched quality and eminence. We have the expertise to dub in Hindi and various other Indian regional Languages like Telugu, Malyalam, Tamil and many more.


Web Videos for You-tube and Vimeo

With the rapid growth of Internet users all over the world, video clips have become very popular online. The widespread popularity of video clips, with the aid of new distribution channels, has evolved into 'clip culture'. As businesses seek to tighten budgetary allocations, online video is a highly measurable and results-driven delivery platform. Our experienced staff will help you design the right “clip” be it for entertainment, educational or journalism purposes. We can make it happen! It does not end here, we will also help you to position your clips. A great video is nothing without viewers! Our video marketing expertise can make sure you get them. We use tried and tested content marketing and optimization techniques to raise your rankings in the search results, reach your target audience and boost your conversions.


Documentaries Short Films & Corporate Presentations

Making Short films and documentaries is one of the most rewarding and challenging endeavors you can be involved in. Whether you're at the beginning of your journey looking for ideas, or you're in the middle of production seeking tips, or just trying to figure out how to write a script, making short Films and documentaries is a wonderful adventure and we are there to assist you from start to end; all the way. Corporate presentations and corporate Av’s are the best way of promoting your products and concept, be it B to B or B to C. The expert Creative Team at Hotbrands combines its efforts with the great marketing minds to come up with the best solution suited to your needs and requirements.

Media Services


HBN 24 Hour Shopping Channel

Hotbrands has its very own HBN 24 Hour Shopping Channel from the stable of India's largest Shopping Network TELEBRANDS. HBN is the New Age, New Look, India’s first 24 hour Shopping Channel. It bring’s products catering to all needs of the Indian household on one platform. Captivating viewership across age groups & languages the channel is knitted around the concept of Quality, Value and Service. Apart from Hindi, HBN is also available in Malayalam & Tamil languages. It’s a free to Air channel, hence available on all leading d2h providers within the basic package. HBN is supported by a 24 hour Call Centre with more than 300 employees taking calls round the clock. Target Audience: TG ranges from 20years & above of SEC A,B both Male & Female. USP: A reach of “88 million households” with a “Viewership of 352 million”.


Television Media Buying

We also provide full-service media buying and direct response media solutions that help our elite clients reach Indian and International consumers with ease. Our expert media buying team can get you spots on all major Television networks throughout India, United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (USA). Apart from buying we also assist you analyzing the success of your spend so that you can make wise spending decisions.


Web, Digital & Mobile Marketing

Hotbrands is your turnkey solution to producing and distributing your product to the masses! Apart from Television we have over 15 years of experience in Web Marketing, Search Marketing, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Radio Media Buying, Online Advertising and Social Media Solutions. As the whole world is going Digital, you simply can't avoid Digital Marketing for building your Brand and increasing your sales. Targeting the correct audience is must to generate sales and we do exactly the same. We continuously work hard to give you a large and unique online presence. We work with the clients on “one-on-one” basis and an open dialogue is maintained throughout the marketing process. Our client's success is our primary and sole goal, and with that goal in mind, our team endeavors to deliver successful Marketing and Media solutions.




Pre production team is responsible for creating creative concepts keeping the target audience and client's goals in mind. Next comes preparation & planning within the pre-set budgets. This team consists of skillset that specializes in ideation, creative content & product positioning. We work with Clients on “one-on-one” basis. An open dialogue is maintained throughout the production process. Attention to detail ensures that our client's projects are completed well within time & budget with the best production quality possible.



You name it and we have it. Whether you need a 2 minute commercial or a 30 min infomercial. A short film or a documentary, we have the resources to meet your requirements. Our expertise creative eye will ensure optimum production quality within defined resources.

post production


At Hotbrands Studios we give great details to each and every final outcome. From Color Correction, Color Grading, After Effects, Motion Graphics, VFX, Music, etc. etc. etc., you name it we have it. Our highly experienced and dedicated team of Editors will work with each and every frame and look into the minutest details to ensure that you get absolutely what you desired for and love what you see.

Our Work

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About Us


Hitesh Israni Founder Director Telebrands India

HBN was founded in 2005 Under the abled leadership of Hitesh Israni. Hitesh Israni has been a part of the Indian Direct Response Television Industry since 1995.


Manisha Israni Creative Director

The creative team is headed by Manisha Israni. She brings with her 15 years of the immense Marketing and Sales experience that is a must when orchestrating a successful commercial or an infomercial from pre-production to to post-production to Marketing. Manisha earned her MBA degree with major in Marketing from University of Hull, England. She joined Telebrands India in 1996. Among many accomplishments she helped set up a successful all India Sales & Marketing Team and a flourishing e-commerce business. Hotbrands Studios found its root in 2012 and since many of their infomercials & commercials have became advertising legends such as AB- King pro Platinum, Toning Motion Slimming Belt, Master Blaster, The Sculptor, Secret Beauty and most recently the O7 range of Mobiles and Tablets.

Hotbrands Studios established in 2012 is an in-house studio of HBN. It has a track record of creating visually motivating messages that sell products and services worldwide. Leveraging its Creative powers in television, print & the Internet, Hotbrands Studios has established itself as the premium Creative & Media services provider.

HBN was founded in 2005 Under the abled leadership of Hitesh Israni. Hitesh Israni has been a part of the Indian Direct Response Television Industry since 1995. He is the founder Director of Telebrands India, a pioneering DRTV company in India. Telebrands continues to enjoy strong Brand presence in India and the sub-continent and in-fact has become a generic name to teleshopping shows in India.

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